Pattern Spring Shawl / Voorjaars Shawl for sale!

As Etsy isn't working with me right now, it isnt possible yet to buy this pattern on Etsy. But... it IS possible to buy it in other ways! Yay for that right?
It's possible to pay me with PayPal or just your bank account. I get email notices with each payment so I can't miss any payment so you get your pattern as soon as possible!
If you want to buy a pattern, make sure you add the following discription to your payment:

- your emailadres
- Spring Shawl or Voorjaars Shawl
- language: Dutch or English (UK terms)

This pattern is for sale for €4,95

PayPal: gerrylouwes@live.nl

SNS bank:
F van der Galien
NL50 SNSB 0879 9447 49

Questions? Please send me an email: frederikacreates@gmail.com

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